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What you need to know about Environmental protection electroplating equipment and material?

The minimum ordering quantity shall depend on project base or container base. This quantity shall be decided through the ordering item and quantity( i.e. Material and bill of quantity)
For price enquiry you can “contact us now” by providing the quantity (because it might have bulk discount) and specification of item. You will receive our reply within 3 days, but depend on the complexity of the item. Please take note that any ordering not within working hours ( Monday- Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm/ Saturday 8:30am to 12:30pm) will be reply on the next working day.
We shall delivery the item based on your requirement. The delivery area shall within Malaysia. Please take note that the delivery fee was not included in price of item.
Yes, there is different warranty period for each product.
We will charge delivery costs accordingly.
We having technical personnel for technical collaboration
The product material is originated form China.The polyform and plastic board is produce by our company.


Simple Quotation Process

Buyer should provide us the Build of Material and Build of Quantity, in excel or Microsoft, then we will quote them within 3 working days.

Provide Details

Build of Material and Build of Quantity.


Submit the details in Excel/Spreadsheet or Microsoft Word.

Receive Quotation

Receive quotation from us within 3 working days

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